Why are teachers so boring?

Screen-shot-2014-05-19-at-10.53.21-PMTraditionally, teachers use step-by-step approach to giving out information. They give you the overview of the course during the first lecture which any normal student would normally skip, and then give you details one after another in a linear way. Mind-mapping uses a different system to process and remember information. Unlike traditional teaching which is normally very boring, this one gives you space for your creativity.

Mind-mapping is a boost to your creativity

So we need to learn how to be creative about studying. We need to change the whole system to remember the same information. In mind-mapping we make connections between objects and terms in a way that we remember them. You can get creative in adding any association that comes to your head to any boring term. As contrasted to rote memorizing, it builds up webs of information that enter your head easily, and will stick there forever. This is exactly how our brain works. It doesn’t go in sequence but from a whole to compounds.

One of my College teachers was prominent for his boring lectures. He would take a term or a subject, and then he’d talk about this one thing for long long hours.

Then he would switch to the second term or subject, and would do the same until you hate this one, as well. So by the time he gets to the third subject, you forget everything that was before; and you hate him, his guts, this damn class and the bloody school.

Students used to fight for the seats in the back where they would sleep during his lectures. His classes were so boring that we would catch a couple of bugs and make a real bug race. The loser would have to sit in front rows for the rest of the class.


How mind-mapping helps getting better grades

This approach helped me to prepare for my exams in a way that I only got A’s and A’s plus. It’s actually a very easy-to-use method to learn, but you need to know where to start otherwise you will get lost completely. So you need to know the right methods to start learning effectively today.

  • No more sleepless nights
  • No more stress before the exam
  • No more disappointment
  • No more panic attacks the night before exam

Mind-mapping and neuro-linguistic programming are just two of many shortcuts that exist on your ways to success. But there are so many more!