Neuro-Linguistic Progamming

We can program ourselves for success!

What is Neuro-Linguistic Programming, or NLP? Even though it sounds scary but in fact it’s so easy. It’s like let’s say you always forget your car keys at home. So before going to sleep you imagine your morning routine, picture yourself your every step where you actually take the keys, and just like that, the next morning, tad-ah… You take your car keys!

Close up of angry man with steam coming out from his earsActually, it’s a part of Linguistics, a science about languages. But it’s focused on the impact that words and combination of words have on our behavior and our actions. Let me give you a simple example:

You have panic before exams?

I used to be so afraid that I fail my exams that I would repeat to myself: “I’m gonna fail”, “I’m gonna fail” in some desperate hope for miracle. No surprise, I barely passed of failed every time. Because what happened is that I programmed my brain to fail. Then I tried the other way round, “I can do it”, “I can do it”, and I was surprised how easy it went.


It can really help

It’s widely used in marketing and advertising. When I was in College I tried a lot of these techniques during exams and they helped. I don’t understand why the scientists have to make the things so difficult because all those scientific papers are filled with very long and scary words. Thousands and thousands of long, boring pages. But in fact, it’s so easy.

Methods of studying that actually work

It’s all about the brain. The way it’s structured and functions; and how our neurons interact. This is one way to help you to pass exams easy. It’s called holistic learning.

  • It’s simple and focused on how to acquire information as opposed to rote memorization.
  • It actually helps to defeat your procrastination
  • You will set up a staggering productivity system.
  • What’s more important, you can catch and handle crisis before an exam.
  • You literally study “on steroids”, putting way less efforts than usual getting far better grades at the same time.
  • This is an impressive tool if you want to get better grades without spending too much time on useless studying.