Review: Online Training On Speed Learning

Your midterms are soon, and it terrifies you?


  • You haven’t even read the notes
  • You probably don’t have any notes, right?
  • Your classmates are so mean they are not going to share, morons!
  • You can’t even remember the name of the teacher, Mrs Ugly probably?
  • You are afraid that you will fail, loser!

The weekend before the test, you’d spent the night trying to understand what the hell is this class about.

Your parents are so boring in their constant grumbling about this bloody studying being important. Deep down there you understand that they are right.

How often do you ask yourself, why do we even HAVE to study?

It’s better to work in an office with air-conditioning and drive the latest model of BMW than to spend all your life having a low-paid job like a waiter. It’s better to wear a 10-thousand-dollar watch than to have no watch at all. It’s better to spend your vacation on the Caribbean than in front of a cheep TV.

So, the only answer is to study hard

But how? To get good results you have to be a geek spending all your time in library, or a genius. Let’s be fair, you are neither of them, just like me.

I used to be an average student, well, even a little bit less than average. I didn’t get it, how come? I spend hours and hours learning those formulas and tons of useless information. Guess what, nothing helped. Still in 50s… barely passed… While others seemingly easily score 80s just listening to teachers and being present in class. So I thought, what’s the deal?

I believed that there was a secret method of studying

What if they found it unintentionally, just by chance, and me, I am the only one on Earth that doesn’t know it? So I put 3 goals in front of me:

  1. To find a way to learn things easy and effectively at the same time
  2. To ace my exams without spending nights in useless repetitions
  3. To know the way to actually learn things and to be able to brag about being a nerd!

And I started looking. I thought somebody has to know something.

First, the Internet. There are several web-sites filled with banners and some meager pieces of information, all over the place and given sporadically.

Next step, asking friends. Nope, dead-end. A fair amount of mocking, nothing useful.

I even tried going to the library, and I asked there. The girl in glasses bigger than dinner plates looked at me as if I am a naked Shwartznegger asking for her clothes and her bike. She’d wanted that I guess)

I took a couple of private lessons; useful, but not worth to pay like 50 dollars an hour, no guarantees whatsoever. They said it will take at least 10 hours just to pull me up in one subject. I am not Eric Trump, you know. So the teacher told me to f*ck off and take an online course.

This is how I came across a training course called Learn Fast, Study Less!

There’s a powerful tool written by an expert in holistic learning. This guy is amazing! He developed something really unique! A method of learning which allows you to learn easier! So what I did, I tried some of his tricks in class. I was astonished myself how easy I could involve myself into special mindset, put some efforts into that (way less than normal), and voila, I got 80s in my midterm exams.

At first, my teachers thought I was cheating. I was smiling stupidly and trying to mumble something about a secret method of studying. Nobody believed me, so I stopped persuading them, and explored other tricks and methods described in the program. Slowly but surely, I was changing my way of thinking and learning.

I can assure you, with the right methods anyone can do it. The guy uses NLP (neuro-linguistic programming)! Even though it sounds scary but in fact it’s so easy. So it’s like a whole new brain system. It’s focused on two core groups of strategies to enhance your studies.

Look what it offers:

  • it helps you to learn to read faster;
  • you will use new revision methods like mind-mapping;
  • it can help you to set really powerful life-goals;
  • you will get into a very special mindset of learning;
  • it shows how to use efficient time-management

Armed with this knowledge you will get ground-breaking results, just like me. Me personally, I like the  photographic memory that I developed with the help of this method. You will be able to memorize the whole pages of text word by word, no jokes! When I first played that trick on my teacher he was so surprised, he was like: “Eh… What the F…”! I have enormous popularity in class now, and excellent grades, and I think I earned it all.

Give it a try, folks! It will surely raise your self-esteem, and your level of knowledge, too. You will wish you’d known that earlier! Really, it’s for everyone and it’s easy.

Yes, I want to pass my exams EASY!